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Gambling and the Law: Sweden gets it mostly right

The Supreme Court of Sweden has just ruled that poker is either a game of skill or a game of luck, depending upon the rules. Although this sounds like a joke, the Court got it almost completely correct.

Sweden to clamp down on lottery sales to minors

Swedish minors no longer able to buy scratch tickets from national lottery.

EU court reaffirms Sweden's right to ban online gambling

States can ban online gambling as consistent with community law, but must not impose discriminatory penalties, Europe's top court rules.

Back from London and Stockholm…minus an umbrella, phone (not mine, thank god) and 20 years off my life.

Wow is all I can say. Casinomeister, can you turn 50 again please? Amazing birthday party, great GPWA conference, ridiculous dinner with, crazy times at Mahiki, even more adventures in Scandinavia (part 3), and roughly 10 hours of sleep. Total.

Adventures in Scandinavia Part 2: Stockholm

Stockholm has officially become my favorite city in the world. I'm sorry Tel Aviv, you have just been bumped to number two...I am willing to forgive a $50 entree, a $20 deli sandwich, a $17 dollar cocktail, and a $6 bottle of water for this extreme beauty and pleasure.

Adventures in Scandinavia Part 1: Helsinki

I am back from the land of blonde hair, blue eyes, IKEA, reindeer, herring, pointy shoes and tight pants. Wow, I miss that land. My twelve day vacation included two of the world's most amazing cities, Helsinki and Stockholm, and even more importantly, some of the most amazing (and better looking) friends I have ever made in my life.

Betsson defends betting shop

The Lottery Inspection has filed a police report claiming that Betsson’s shop violates article 38 in the Swedish lottery act.

Betsson challenges Swedish monopoly

On Friday, May 30, 2008, Betsson will open the doors of its first betting shop in Sweden, marking a challenge to the Swedish gaming monopoly.

Sweden halts gambling advertising prosecutions

The Scandinavian nation’s Prosecution Authority announced on Thursday that it will not prosecute two prominent newspapers that accepted advertising from online gambling providers. The decision comes following an appeal by the newspapers -- Aftonbladet and Expressen -- after they had been found guilty of violating Sweden’s lottery laws.

Unibet welcomes EU investigation

Unibet welcomes today’s decision taken by the European Commission to launch an investigation into the Swedish poker monopoly.

Nordictra, HiQ team up

Nordictra, which develops Internet-based financial products, has engaged HiQ as a partner to design a new platform for online gaming based on quoted stock prices.

Online Poker Pro Scandinavia on top

Online Poker Pro Scandinavia, a new magazine devoted exclusively to Internet poker, is now the largest poker publication in Scandinavia.

Svenska Spel, Boss Media works with Swedish company

A Swedish state-controlled gaming company has obtained permission from its government to arrange Internet poker in cooperation with Svenska Spel and Boss Media

UltimateBet player wins Swedish Open

UlimateBet team member, Johan Storakers, conquered the 2007 Swedish Open Poker Championship, securing a first place prize of over $185,000.

GTECH extends HiQ contract

GTECH Corporation has extended its cooperation agreement with Swedish company, HiQ.

Purple Lounge Swedish tour ends

The Purple Lounge Swedish poker tour finally arrived at its last two dates, much to the disappointment of Swedish poker fans.

Invasion of the Swedes

It appears that the Swedes have invaded my life. I cannot seem to stay away from these amazing people- they are magnetic I tell you!! Several weeks ago we started interviewing for a position here at the GPWA and Online Casino City, and of course, there was one candidate that I particularly enjoyed. After the interview, as somewhat of a warning I suppose, I provided this young man with a link to my articles on Casino City Times. Welcome to your potential future manager, my friend. One day later I received a thank you note in the mail, and much to my delight, he signed off with, "PS-I'm Swedish". Yep. You're hired.

Brussels threatens court action over state betting monopolies

International News Brief: The European Commission will set itself on collision course with France, Sweden and Greece today when it orders them to end lucrative state-run sports betting monopolies.

bwin supports EU gambling decision

bwin welcomes today's decision by the European Commission to continue the infringement proceedings already instituted against France and Sweden in connection with gaming by issuing 'reasoned opinions.'

Purple Lounge, Moore poker tour dates released

After much anticipation, the qualification tournament dates for the Purple Lounge/Moore magazine poker tour have been released.

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